Here at Gntv  we often receive calls about the loss of Sky TV signals or poor picture reception. Unfortunately the force of bad weather and wind can sometimes move your dish if it has not been correctly installed.

We are experts on Satellite TV realignment in Mallorca, using the latest equipment to test your signal when we install or re-align your satellite dish. We also ensure your dish is positioned in the correct place, many times satellite dishes are installed without a clear line of sight to the satellite, which can cause poor picture reception.

Depending on how old your cable is, this too can be the cause of poor picture quality. The cable itself carries a very small electrical current and should the outer white protective cover become damaged and water enters into the cable, this is enough to considerably degrade the cables performance.

If your picture quality is poor or you’re experiencing picture break up, then call us at Gntv and we’ll be glad to assist you to re-align your satellite dish.

We also offer a NO Fix NO Fee policy (if we don’t  fix it YOU don’t pay)

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Please CONTACT US regarding a satellite repair