Before we order your Tooway Internet equipment we offer a free home demonstration, we can work around your busy work/home schedule, we also want to make sure that in you trying  the Tooway super fast internet connection you are indeed satisfied with the results.

Once you agree to an  installation the engineer will look around  your property or business  to see where the best location for the dish  to be situated, from the dish the maximum cable length we recommend is 50meters , the engineer will then install  the modem where ever you wish, the system is compatible with a wifi router.

Once the site survey and the Tooway package is agreed,  we then  order the Tooway equipment which normally takes 5-7 days to arrive here in Mallorca, when the Tooway is dispatched from the UK we then simply call to arrange the installation date to suit you.

The day of installation an engineer will arrive at the agreed time to install the Tooway, this normally takes between 1 1/2- 2 hours, the engineer will make sure you are satisfied with the speed and connection and you are confident in using your new equipment, he will also set up the wifi router with your choice of user name and password before he leaves the property.

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 Satellite Internet Any Where

Some FAQs

What is Tooway?

Tooway is Europe’s first affordable satellite broadband product designed for home users. Using the latest hardware and antenna technology we offer super fast broadband, anywhere in Europe, irrespective of whether there’s any fixed line infrastructure nearby. Depending on the airtime account you chose, hardware and connection are FREE and airtime starts at € 19.99 a month inclusive of IVA.

Tooway is a bidirectional high speed satellite service for broadband Internet access. Bidirectional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for telephone line.

What is satellite broadband?

Broadband means, very simply, a high-speed connection to the Internet that’s ‘always on’. It’s called broadband because it has a much larger capacity to receive (and send) data. Providing broadband via satellite means that we bounce your data from your remote location up to and down from the satellite to a point on the ground where there’s very fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Tooway satellite broadband is up to 357 times faster than a 56k dial-up modem enabling you to view web content and download files more quickly.

How fast is Tooway?

The home user version of Tooway offers download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds at up to 6 Mbps. When we say “up to” we mean this is peak speed wherever you live, Tooway doesn’t discriminate by location. Tooway Pro offers up to 50 Mb download, 20 Mb upload for business users still will the same cheap hardware.

The exact ‘speed’ or performance of your Tooway connection at any given time will depend on a number of factors many of them outside our control. These include the overall busyness of our network at that precise moment, the overall busyness of the public internet, and the protocol or application you’re using at the time.

Does the satellite service get affected by weather?

The standard dish and mount is designed to withstand 100mph winds. Clouds and showers have little impact on satellite communications. However, torrential rain or snow may cause slight degraded service in extreme conditions as signals are reflected a little by rain. Our systems automatically increase power levels to compensate for these conditions.

How does Tooway compare to dial-up?

If you are still using dial-up, we don’t need to tell you how frustratingly slow and unpredictable it can be. The latest websites are full of images and video rich content which takes an age to download.

If you opt for Tooway you’ll be able to save hours of your time, and you will be able to access the latest feature rich websites in record time.

Compare Tooway to your old dial-up

Key features
Tooway Dial-Up
Available virtually anywhere
Fast Download Speeds (up to 20 Mbps)
Fast Upload Speeds (up to 6 Mbps)
Always-on connection to the internet
No software to load
Dedicated connection/instant access (no logging in or out)
Professional installation
No phone line needed

Can I get my Tooway hardware for free?

We offer FREE set-up and connection on our ‘FREE set-up Contract Rental’ options which mean if you install your Tooway kit you pay no other set-up costs, just your monthly airtime. You pay a slightly higher monthly airtime charge to cover these costs.we are also on hand to offer free advice on installation or technical issues.

Can i try Tooway before i buy it?

We are happy to come to your house/premises to give a free demonstration of how super fast Tooway internet is.

Do I need a telephone line?

No, Tooway does not require any cable or phone lines and Tooway supports free internet phone calls via SkypeHowever you should be aware that free VoIP services like Skype aren’t suitable for making emergency calls  so don’t compromise your safety by leaving internet phone calls as your only means of communications if you live in a remote location.

I’ve heard of latency issues with satellite – what does this mean?

Due to the distance travelled by the signal to/from your computer and the Internet Hub via the satellite, some older satellite technologies exhibited a noticeable lag between communications. Our Satellite Broadband services employ the very latest software and hardware techniques to minimise this lag, including a Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) and web acceleration.

In use, when a web page is requested for example, the hardware strips out surplus protocol data and requests, and retrieves the page in fewer larger ‘pieces’, than a typical dialup connection for example, which assembles the page piece by piece. Similarly this technique is ideal for handling large file or email downloads.

Because the IP address we use with Tooway we can offer customers Sky-Go on 2 devices from just €12 per month