500GB Sky DRX890 Sky+HD Box

The slimline PVR5 Sky DRX890 Sky box is the entry level PVR from Sky but is by far the most common Sky box purchased.  This is probably due to several reasons…

  • The 500Gb hard drive allows you to use 250Gb for personal storage, this for the majority of Sky customers is plenty as it allows you to record approximately 185 hours of standard definition TV or 60 hours of high definition TV, or obviously a combination of the two.
  • The remaining 250Gb is reserved by Sky for services such as Sky Anytime, Video on Demand and 3D Services, exactly the same as all current PVR models.
  • All Sky boxes including this one are now manufactured by Sky, this makes the DRX890 much more reliable than previous models as Sky have far more control over the quality of the components used than ever before.  The DRX890 has the lowest return rate due to failure than any other current model.
  • It’s far cheaper than the larger capacity DRX895 yet it performs just as well (if not better due to reliability), all the functions are the same, you’re simply paying for extra storage on the 895, nothing else.
  • It runs very cool and quiet, much more so than previous models.

This box is 3D compatible