Abu Dhabi Sports

Abu Dhabi  have the rights for  to broadcast all the Barclays English Premiership Football matches live, it signed a contract with Humax for the exclusive manufacturing of dedicated High Definition set top boxes, to air its new range of sports channels.

Here is what you can expect from the ADMC Sports Channels:

All F1 races LIVE, watch all races in stunning

High Definition with english commentary


All the Barclays EPL English Premier League Matches live for the coming seasons all with English commentary.

All 380 Premier League Games LIVE

In High Definition

English LIVE Commentary

Live Studio From The StadiumsPre and Post Game Analysis

Live Reporting From The Stadiums

Live Schedules



A perfect compliment to this package would be the Al Jazeera sports card for the UEFA matches.


Broadcast on BADR 6 and Atlantic Bird 4, this package is well suited for Mediterranean areas, as well as all the Premium SPORT content you will also be able to watch the following channels free of charge in English: Fox Movies, MBC 2, MBC Persia, MBC Max, MBC Action, Dubai 1, KTV 2, Bahrain SS, MBC 4, Fox Series, MBC 3, BBC World News, Euronews, France 24, MTV Arabia and a few more which have not been mentioned. For people wanting additional general entertainment packages in English Language as well as Sports, we suggest the Orbit Showtime bundles as they compliment the ADMC boxes perfectly.

Please CONTACT US for further information regarding our Abu Dhabi Sports systems.