Sky Accessories


Terabyte Remote Control

Terabyte Remote Control

Got our Sky+HD 1TB or 2TB box? Then you’ll know the ultimate TV experience needs the ultimate viewing accessory. And here it is. Price from €40


Sky+HD Remote Control

Sky+HD Remote Control

If you’re a Sky+HD box and TV customer, this popular remote will put stunning high definition back at your fingertips. Price from €35


Sky+ Remote Control

Sky+ Remote Control

A Sky+ remote that works with your Sky+ box and TV, so you can continue to pause and rewind Live TV and Series Link at the touch of a button.Price from €25


Sky Remote Control

Sky Remote Control

This top Sky remote is the perfect replacement or spare for your standard Sky box and TV.Price from €15


Sky TV Link

Sky TV Link

Watch Sky in any room! This unit sends remote control signals from the ‘Magic Eye’ back to the satellite receiver via the same coaxial cable that is sending the pictures to the additional TV. It operates between the RF2 output on a satellite receiver (from which it receives power) and an additional TV. Full menu instructions included Attractive black finish 850mm lead between main unit and the ‘Magic Eye’ LED indicator.Price from €17

Magic Eye Splitters

The Tv Link splitter comes in 2-16 outputs allowing you the choice of having multiple magic eyes in different locations around your  property. Prices from €45

Logitech Control


Say good-bye to cheat sheets. Everyone in the family can select what they want to do—such as “Watch TV”—and your Harmony remote does the rest.Learn more about one-touch activity-based controls.


It’s as easy as one. (No two or three needed.)

You just want to watch a movie. But you’re digging through a drawer with a pile of remotes in it. When you do find the remotes it’s going to take (usually at least three), it takes you another few minutes to press the right buttons in the right order. And if you make a mistake—or have to explain it to your parents or your babysitter—well, then you’re waiting even longer.

One-touch activity-based control is the answer.

One remote. One touch. That’s all it takes to watch a DVD, listen to the radio, watch TV, or play a game. With a Harmony remote with one-touch activity-based controls, your whole family (and the babysitter) can easily turn on the entertainment they want—without any help.

3.5-inch full-color touch screen

You can access the most-used buttons with one hand or two—and it’s backlit so you can see your icons even in the dark.


RF wireless capability

You can control devices you can’t see—like a stereo in a closed cabinet.when you add a Logitech® Harmony RF Extender (sold separately).


Customisable commands and icons

You choose which commands you want on screen and when—giving you complete control over your entertainment system.


Replaces up to 15 remotes

You can control your home-entertainment devices with one remote—reducing clutter and complexity in your living room.


Your remote recharges in its base station so you won’t be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.

Prices from €175

Simple to set up

So just how do you get your remote to do that? Our online software makes it easy.

To get started we  use the included USB cable to plug your remote into your computer. Then we simply enter the make and model numbers of your components and answer questions about your entertainment setup—like what components are needed for different activities, how everything is connected, and what input is needed for what. That’s it.

Your Harmony remote is compatible with more than 225,000 devices from 5,000+ brands right away. If you’ve got it, it’s probably in our database—no extra programming needed.

We offer a free set up service on any Logitech remote purchased from Gntv 

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