DRX595 Sky HD Box

The DRX595 features a HDMI port for watching both SD and HD content (you will require a HD Ready television with spare HDMI port), as well as allowing access to 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound via HDMI, a first for Sky. The unit also carries a SCART port should you only have a standard-definition capable television; further connections include an Optical Output (SPDIF), LNB Input, USB, Ethernet port, Telephone port, 10 pin mini DIM and power port.

Note – this is a standard Sky HD Digibox, not Sky+HD, so doesn’t have an internal hard drive for recording programmes. If you wish to use Sky+ record functionality, you need a Sky HD+ box Also note that this unit does not have an RF Output, so cannot be directly connected to another television in another room; you would need an RF modulator for that purpose. The DRX595 can be used as a primary digibox.

This box is 3D compatible