For access to over 150 Freesat channels simply connect the Freesat HD box to a suitable Sky dish and follow the on-screen setup instructions. Changes to the Freesat channel line-up are automatically detected and the Freesat HD box  even keeps itself up-to-date by automatically downloading software updates when available.

Connect by HDMI to a suitable TV and enjoy free HD channels with cinema-quality Dolby Digital + sound (when broadcast). Even standard channels look fantastic thanks to advanced up-conversion to HD.

Freesat comes with an 8-day Programme Guide so you can plan your viewing a week ahead. The powerful reminder and timer functionality allows you to easily set the Freesat HD box to turn itself off or on at any time to any channel or programme of your choosing.

If over 150 Freesat channels are not enough the Freesat HD box can automatically add hundreds more non-Freesat† channels. And for true power viewing, the Freesat HD box makes it easy to create and use up to eight favourites lists that are always accessible by a dedicated button on the remote.

Comprehensive connectivity

For perfect picture and sound make a direct digital connection to your HDTV using HDMI (cable supplied) or use the digital optical audio output to connect to an external sound system. If necessary, you can connect to older, non-HD equipment using the SCART outputs.