Freesat-HD Box

Taking set-top box and free-to-air TV channel technology one step further, freesat gives you access to 150 digital TV and radio channels and even offers the option of HD (High Definition) viewing.

To make the most of this new service, Freesat-HD makes the ideal choice. As the name suggests, the Freesat-HD is able to receive HD TV stations and will therefore make the most of HD Ready TVs. With up to 5 times the picture detail, HD TV images offer stunning realism, whatever the genre.

As you’d expect from all of set-top boxes, Freesat-HD has a very high spec. The HDMI output resolves up to 1080i, whilst there’s also component and SCART for those without an HDMI-equipped TV. A digital output allows you to connect the set-top box to a home cinema system and get digital sound quality to match the picture. With automatic software upgrades, a full colour electronic program guide and Ethernet support, the Foxsat-HD is easy to use and comprehensively equipped for the future.