English & Irish Sky cards


Now we can provide you with a great deal for Summer/Autumn time. Purchase a Sky tv card even if you live outside the UK or Ireland. No UK bank account or address are required. You can watch Sky tv today! Watch your favourite British and Irish programs anywhere in Europe. RTE,  BBC, ITV, TV3 are now all available. Get Sky sports, Espn, RTE and Setanta sports for your favourite sports events.
You don’t have to worry about complicated Sky contracts. We arrange everything for you!

Now is your chance to watch Gaelic football on  Setanta sports with an   ROI Sky card.


Some Common Sky Card Problems

OSM (on screen message)
Please ring to upgrade your subscription:
This is usually a payment problem, check your credit/debit has not expired or you have not reported it lost/stolen  CONTACT US.


This is the wrong card for this set top box:
This means that the card is not paired to the box, you need to CONTACT US.
Both of the above issues can also appear if you have been away for more than one month? Please wait about 3 hours before calling us.
Should you need to call us then please have your sky viewing card number ready and box details if your card is not paired!

Sky card in the box

The viewing card number is on the back, 9 digits.
You can get all box details by doing the following:
Standard sky box press the services button then number 4 the number 5, System details page appears,
Sky HD box press the services button then 03, system details page appears.

Note customers should never call Sky directly regarding their subscriptions. All queries are handled by gntvmallorca.com. Any direct contact with Sky will result in the subscription being terminated with no refund possible.

UK & IRISH Sky Subscription Cards Always In Stock.

No UK Address Or Bank Account Required !!!!!


Please CONTACT US for more information regarding our Sky Cards.