Below are a couple of  tricks to get you back veiwing  after a Storm or Power Cut.

Q. How Do I Cheat My Sky/Sky+ or HD Box On?

A. To change the default transponder settings you will need to access the hidden “INSTALLERS SETUP”  menu.

First press the “SERVICES” button on your sky remote and then press “4” to access the “SYSTEM SETUP”. Although it is not displayed, you will need to press “0” then “1” then “SELECT” to access the “INSTALLERS SETUP” menu. Afterwards press “2” to enter “DEFAULT TRANSPONDER”.

The display will then show from top to bottom:



Symbol Rate (Mbaud)


Save new settings

Select “Frequency GHz “and by typing in the relevant numbers, change the setting from 11.778 to 12.206. The “POLARIZATION” setting should already be set to “V” and will not have changed. When these changes have been made you will need to “SAVE NEW SETTINGS” at the bottom of the screen.

Now press “back up” once then go to find channels the screen should be the same as above, now press the corresponding  button to find “new channels” once the channels come up go to Sky News and save the channel (coloured buttons), now press back up until you have a moving picture, if for some reason this does not work try pressing “services” then go to “other channels” and select Sky News this should solve the problem.

If any of the above do not work then there is a serious problem with the system, if you call us we can arrange an engineer to come and repair the system at your chosen time/date.


Q. Recording Problems Sky+/Sky HD?

A. Full System Reset.

Turn on your Sky box.

Press the “Services” button on your Sky+ remote.

Select the option “System Setup”

Access the hidden menu by pressing “0 then 1 then select” on your Sky Remote.


Select “Full System Reset” (Please ignore all other options under this menu)

Allow the system some time to reset itself and then it will turn off.

Turn on the Sky+ box.

This should solve any recording issues with any Sky+ box, if however the problem persists please call us and we can send an engineer to solve the problem.


Q. How Do I Install The New Software On To My Sky Box?

A. Place you finger on the “back up” button on the sky box,now disconnect the mains power for 1-2 seconds then reconnect power back to the box.

Remain holding the “back up button” for about 30 seconds.

The lights on the front of the machine should now light up.

If your tv is connected to the sky box, the following message will be displayed “Updating System Software”

Now release the “back up” button.

Allow the system up to 15 minutes and then it will turn off.

Turn on the Sky box.

This tip is very useful if the box is displaying:

Technical Problem With This Channel and No Satellite Signal Being Received

 Q. I Have A Picture But No Sound/I Have Sound But No Picture

A. This is normally a scart/euro connector problem please ensure that the scart is securely inserted in the sky box and the television.

Q. Will I be able to get satellite TV in an apartment?

A. Yes, but first you must ask permissions of the block and where they would like the dish to be positioned.

Q. Will bad weather affect satellite TV reception?

A. Heavy rain or snow can cause a brief interruption of the satellite signal. Signal drop outs are usually brief and reception will return as soon as the rain or snow lightens. Signal drop outs are usually very rare when the satellite has been professionally  installed.